You Found an Old Comic Book Collection! Now What?

You’re doing spring cleaning and decide to finally clean out the attic. It’s mostly filled with old furniture, kids toys and cobwebs. But back in the corner is your old comic book collection. It brings back memories of your childhood and to simpler times. You consider throwing them out or giving them to the grandchildren. But wait, what if they are worth something? Hey even a few bucks is better than nothing!

So the good news is that comic books are a thriving industry filled with collectors of every kind around the world. Some books which sold for $30 in the 1980s now sell for thousands… if we only had a crystal ball!

We’ve put together a quick list of first steps before you contact us to give you a free appraisal.

  1. Don’t throw out anything! Certain Key Issues (Key = Important) can literally have a cover missing or half ripped and still be worth money.
  2. Don’t try to restore any of the books yourself. In almost all cases, self-restoration is not a good thing.
  3. Handle them with care. Books from the Golden & Silver age are probably going to be brittle, cracked and starting to fall apart unless they were stored properly.
  4. Separate the books into titles. Take some photos. Possibly make a small list of what you have if it’s not too much work and you have the time. Once you contact us for an appraisal, we’re going to ask you for a basic overview and some photos.
  5. Keep the books in a cool, dry area. If they were out in a garage or on the basement floor, relocate them as soon as possible. The sooner you can get them out of bad conditions, the better.
  6. Don’t post them for sale until you know what you have. It would be a shame to sell a box of old comics for $10 and later find out they were worth thousands!
  7. Learn more about Comic Books, their history and key issues to look out for here on our Comic Book 101 page.

We look forward to the opportunity to appraise your Comic Book collection. is based in New Jersey but we will travel to see your collection and pay cash on site.

One thought on “You Found an Old Comic Book Collection! Now What?

  1. Definitely want to talk to you about this- my collection has been taken care of all these years and for the most part should be in some sort of particular order at least by title- I just need to get in the basement and put an inventory on a spreadsheet


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